In  Memory  of.....

Like many horse lovers, I grew up around horses. When I was 10 years old I started riding my first off the track Thoroughbred and he would ultimately change my life forever! At that time I was not aware of the opportunity I had been given to develop a lasting relationship with this amazing animal, but I quickly learned how unique his spirit was. He came to me somewhat broken, untrusting of most humans and skeptical about most things. He had more energy than I had ever seen and he was not afraid to show it off, and he looked beautiful doing it! I remember when I would get on him people would just stand around and watch and wait to see what he was going to do, buck, kick, rear, he did it all, almost in rhythm like a rehearsed dance recital. Needless to say he taught me how to ride, or at least how to stay on! He quickly learned to tolerate me because I let him run, which was his favorite thing to do and remained his favorite thing to do throughout his entire life. Over time we developed an amazingly close bond and irreplaceable partnership, one that lasted over 25 years and grew to be the greatest love of my life. During all those years he taught me more than just how to stay on and how to ride. He taught me about life, he taught me about myself and he taught me all about the amazing beauty of OTTBs. When I lost him unexpectedly my heart was broken. I felt true pain for the first time in my life. I would spend months mourning him and recalling every detail I could because I never wanted to forget him. I promised him then that I never would. He remains a large part of my life still to this day and is the reason I have remained dedicated to providing other OTTBs with a loving place to call home for the rest of their life.


After losing my heart horse I opened my heart up once again to another OTTB a year later. After searching hundreds of online ads for horses needing new homes I found my next love as a soon to be retiring 4 yo and drove him to his new home on my birthday the following year. I loved him already! I had big plans for us, most important was that we were going to share a loving partnership for many many years to come. At his new forever home he got to spend days and nights experiencing freedom and happiness running around a 100 acre pasture where he made an immediate new best friend. He was so happy and this filled my heart with joy. He had a spirit that reminded me of Nuevo with a bit of mystery about him I was excited to learn about. Unfortunately the big plans I had for us never happened. I lost my new love to sudden illness only 3 weeks after I brought him home. My heart was shattered, again. While I didn't get the years I had planned with Dalamar, the time I had with him was that much more special because of it. He reminded me why I love horses and why I'm passionate about OTTBs.


I took a 5 year hiatus after that. My heart had some mending to do! The only time in my life since childhood that my life didn't revolve around my horse. It was a sad time and a lonely time. I knew I would have a horse again, I just didn't know when.

I welcomed my newest OTTB home last year. He is perfect for me. He is the perfect combination of Nuevo and Dalamar and I feel like I have a piece of my boys back! With a renewed excitement about what the future holds for me and my new guy I discovered that like me, most OTTB owners have constant questions and a constant desire to know more about their life partners. So in memory of Nuevo and Dalamar for all they taught me, and in honor of Templeton for all he has to teach me, I launched OTTB Alliance in hopes that we can all Offer Them The Best!