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About Us


OTTB Alliance was formed around one purpose, to provide those who love and care for off-the-track thoroughbreds quality, accessible resources to help them build long lasting successful partnerships. A partnership with your OTTB can come in many different packages and we wanted to offer something that would appeal to each unique partnership. Whether you are a loving caretaker, casual rider, or training for your next competition, we strive to provide educational resources to fit a variety of goals.

From the start, rehoming, rehabbing and restarting an OTTB begins with a love for the amazingly beautiful spirit of a Thoroughbred that cannot be compared to anything else. As unique as their spirit, so are their needs and we hope to provide an experience that caters to all things uniquely OTTB, so that as owners and care takers of these majestic horses, we can all OTTB, Offer Them The Best!

Check out our upcoming seminars and join us for an opportunity to learn even more about OTTB ownership, care and second careers. Even more, meet others who share a similar passion for providing these amazing horses with a life time of love!